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Published 09/11/2003

  1. A room prepared for a new guest.

  2. The Next Door.  Each year over 50 women come to the Next Door and receive over 2,000 nights of shelter and days of hospitality, support, and partnership.

  3. All together now!  The whole house on the couch together!

  4. A person sleeping on a park bench in downtown Kalamazoo on election night in November 2002.

  5. Next Door painting:  God orders his angels to protect you.

  6. Next Door kitchen. 

  7. Drawing of the Open Door.  Available on notecards with envelopes, for any donation.

  8. Next Door guests and staff all dressed up to go to a Gospel Music concert in Battle Creek.

  9. Christmas at the Next Door 2002, photo 1

  10. Christmas 2002 at the Next Door, photo 2

  11. The Chess Match.

  12. Tuesday night dinner at the Open Door

  13. The living room at the Next Door

  14. Next Door staff:  Veronique Moore and Rosary Bajamunde.

  15. Open Door guest Daniel speaking to the Kalamazoo City Commission on August 4, 2003, about his story and the desperate need for more housing in Kalamazoo that is affordable for low-wage workers.

Published 08/20/2003

  1. The Open Door, emergency shelter for young men, 414 Ranney Street.  phone 345-1431 


Published 08/03/2003

  1. Onnie receives her GED certificate


Published 07/22/2003

  1. Veronique Moore, Next Door Program Director (left) and Earlene (right) at Earlene's graduation from Portage Community High School in June 2003. Earlene dropped out of school at age 14 and went back to school with our encouragement at the age of 33 and graduated this spring!  GREAT JOB, EARLENE!

  2. Onnie and Jackie and Esther, an intern from Ghana, take a look at their make-up during a recent Mary Kay makeover at the Next Door. 

  3. Tracey and Willena with the Mary Kay representative who donated the makeover for our guests. 

  4. Guests, volunteers, and staff gathered for a picnic at the Open Door in May to recognize Ron Bush for his many, many years of service to the Open Door and Next Door Shelters and to wish him well as he begins a new life in retirement.

  5. Tracey, Willena, and Rick at our booth at a health fair for homeless people held at Martin Luther King, Jr. Park on June 19.  The health fair was organized by Health Care for the Homeless. 

  6. Helping others by participating in the 2003 Kalamazoo CROP walk.  Front row, left to right:  Pam, Rosary, Elisha, Onnie, Tracey, Jackie.  Back row:  Terry, Rick, Skip, Veronique.

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