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Open Door and Next Door Shelters
Review of Ministry Goals and Results in 2004

Goal #1: Homeless young adults will have food, shelter, & support.

Results: 95 homeless young adults received food, shelter & support.
at the Open Door for 1,910 days of shelter,
at the Next Door for 1,794 days of shelter,
for a total of 3,704 days of shelter for the year.

Goal #2:
Our guests will seek and find employment.

Results: 44 guests (53%) were employed when they left our shelters
(44 out of a total of 83 guests who completed stays during 2004).

Goal #3: Our guests who have substance abuse problems will address
these problems with a supervised recovery plan.

Results: 42 guests (51%) made & kept recovery plans during their stay.

Goal #4: Our guests will stay long enough to begin to build relationships.

Results: 51 guests (61%) stayed more than 2 weeks.
Over half of these stayed more than 8 weeks.
The average stay in 2004 was 6 weeks.

Goal #5: Our guests will address other important personal issues.

Results: Guests pursued or completed the GED, saved hundreds of
dollars for a future apartment, paid court fines and past debts,
and grew in healthy relationship and stability.

Goal #6 Working people will have good affordable housing
combined with personal connection and support.

Results: We opened 2 homes for 8 people, developed a program to support them, and kept the program affordable to the residents without adding to our operating costs.

Jesus said: “The most important commandment is this: ‘Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is this: Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.” (Mark 12:29-31)

Open Door and Next Door Shelters
Financial Report for 2004

Operating Income and Expenses for 2004
2004 Operating Expenses $208,338
2004 Financial Support $206,051
2004 Surplus or (Deficit) ($ 2,288)

Sources of Support
Individuals & families $82,805 40%
Faith communities $45,730 22%
Foundations $43,350 21%
Government grants $18,816 9%
Businesses $14,568 7%
Interest $ 782 0.4%

Amount spent for fundraising $ 1,400 0.7%

Residence Program for Working People
Operating Costs $ 14,988
Program Fees Paid by Participants $ 9,663
Surplus (Deficit) ($ 5,326)

We believe the Residence Program will become self-supporting in regards to day-to-day costs such as utilities and small repairs. A generous donor made it possible for us to purchase two homes for the program and to do some necessary renovations. Many organizations, churches, and individuals provided funds, in-kind donations, and time and labor to repair, clean, and furnish the first two homes we are using for the Residence Program: 418 Ranney Street for men and 1027 Park Place for women.

We will gladly supply a copy of our auditor’s review and financial statements to anyone upon request (269-343-6064; PO Box 50102, Kalamazoo, Michigan, 49005).

We are deeply grateful to all those who through faithful stewardship of their own resources are able to make gifts of support for this ministry. Open Door and Next Door Shelters is a charitable, non-profit, 501.c.3 organization. Contributions qualify for the Michigan Homeless Shelter / Food Pantry credit toward Michigan income taxes. Gifts to our endowment fund at the Kalamazoo Community Foundation qualify for the Community Foundation credit toward Michigan income taxes. For more information, please contact us at 269-343-6064 or PO Box 50102, Kalamazoo, MI 49005.

Open Door and Next Door Shelters
Many Forms of Community Support


Once a week each house shares a community dinner. We are grateful for the churches that provide us wonderful meals for these important times.

Weekly Community Dinner at the Open Door
First week People’s Church
Second week St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church
Third week Southridge Reformed Church
Fourth week Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Fifth week St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church

Weekly Community Dinner at the Next Door
First week Westwood United Methodist Church
Third week Oakland Drive Church of Christ
Last week St. James Church of God in Christ


Honoring Friends and Family

In thanksgiving for John Yuhas 3rd — Alan (“Gramps”) & Mary Forrester

In honor of Helen Montgomery — Terri McKinnon
In honor of Helen Montgomery — Thomas and Colleen Montgomery
In honor of Carol Hardy — Marcia and Dick Jackson
In honor of Liz and Karl Glenn — Marcia and Dick Jackson
In honor of Dick and Squeegee Mills — Marcia and Dick Jackson
In honor of Rev. Ericka L. Parkinson — Timothy and Barbara Liggett

In Memory

In memory of Janice Vander Beek, sister-in-law of Jack and Linda Vander Beek —
Larry & Rosalie Bohn
In memory of Whitey Lewis, member of St. Martin of Tours Episcopal Church — Bill
& Kay Hanson
In memory of Nelson Mitchell — Carl & Jeanne Fahrenbach
In memory of Marge Frosch — Carl & Jeanne Fahrenbach
In memory of her parents — Judy Morris Storteboom

Leaving a Legacy

A gift from the estate of Henry & Laurena VandePolder, parents of James & Arlene

Open Door and Next Door Shelters
Board of Directors

President Jari Foster Pulford, St. Timothy Episcopal Church, Richland
Vice-President Pam Fenno, St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, Portage
Secretary Rev. Dave Armstrong, Bethel Reformed Church, Kalamazoo

Members Tamra Flowers, Christian Life Center, Kalamazoo
Rosalie Bohn, St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church, Portage
Leona Burns, Open Door Church of God in Christ, Kalamazoo
Cheree Thomas, First United Baptist Church, Kalamazoo
Rev. Kevin Holley, First Presbyterian Church, Kalamazoo
Jane Givens, First Presbyterian Church, Kalamazoo

Open Door & Next Door Staff

Open Door for men
345-1431, 414 Ranney Street
Michael Childress, Program Director
Terry Dowdy, Jr., Staff

Next Door for women
349-2119, 1215 W. North Street, Kalamazoo
Veronique Moore, Program Director
Lauren Charlton, Staff

Residence Program for Working People
345-1431, 414 Ranney Street, Kalamazoo
Michael Childress, Program Director

Support Staff
343-6064, PO Box 50102, Kalamazoo, MI 49005-0102
Robert Hirsch, Maintenance
Barbara Patterson, Business Manager
Rick Stravers, Executive Director


Michigan taxpayers are eligible for tax credits on gifts to Open Door and Next Door Shelters. Taxpayers can reduce their taxes by 50% of their annual gift (up to a maximum $100 credit for gifts of $200 for individuals and a maximum $200 credit for gifts of $400 for couples filing jointly). Taxpayers who also give to our endowment fund at the Kalamazoo Community Foundation can claim a similar credit for gifts to Community Foundations. For more information call 343-6064.


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